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Getting Started

You can install modal as part of base.extensions

npm install @baianat/base.extensions
# or using yarn
yarn add @baianat/base.extensions

If you want the standalone version

npm install @baianat/table
# or using yarn
yarn add @baianat/table
Include necessary files
  <!-- if you are using base.framework -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="@baianat/base.framework/dist/css/base.css">

  <!-- if you want only table stylesheet -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="@baianat/table/dist/css/table.css">

fixedHeaderfalseindicates whether the table header is fixed during scrolling
paginationtrueenables pages pagination
sortabletrueenables the ability to sort columns
editablefalseenables the user to edit table cells
densityfalseshows rows density control buttons
perPage10how many rows is shown per page
beforeEditfires when clicking on an input and starts to edit it
afterEditfires after blurring out of the input