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Content guidelines

Voice and tone

The voice and tone of Blexar govern the method of communication and helps the brands created using the design system have a consistent writing and talking tone and voice that matches with the visual and code elements in order to create an experience that is unified and better resonate with the ends users.

The type of conversations that Blexar incorporate can vary from formal to friendly depending on your industry and brand requirements.

While creating content, you need to have both a voice and tone in order to maintain a smooth communication. Your voice is the never changing attitude while you tone varies from one situation to another and according to your target audience as well.

Writing guidance

As the system is responsive and modular, we expect that the writing can vary from slangs up till formal language. The system is following the AP Style guide as a main writing style and the dictionary of Merriam Webster for word selection. In addition, your writing has to achieve the following criteria in order to match with overall design system:

  • Clear: use plain sentences with no hidden meanings or hard to understand metaphors.
  • Adaptive: change your tone in order to suit every situation and address your target audience.
  • Informative: provide useful materials and content in the relevant topics to your audience and website visitors.